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INBND uses its in-depth expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive webinar programmes to give its customers a competitive edge. Webinars contribute significantly to lead generation and content marketing strategies, as one of the most effective forms of content available to marketers today.

Webinar Moderator Services

Looking for a professional webinar moderator who adds value to your webinar and manages to engage subject matter experts and audiences alike? Contact INBND today to find out more how our webinar moderator services can ignite growth for your webinar programme.

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Webinar Moderator Services

INBND provides Webinar Moderator Services so you don’t fall at the final hurdle. A great webinar moderator not only leads audiences and subject matter experts through the webinar, but is able to engage the presenters and audience alike. Awareness of the subject is just as important as the ability to interview, guide and add value. An interactive and engaging webinar produces more high quality leads and becomes a core marketing asset in your lead generation strategy.

Using INBND’s Webinar Moderator Services ensures that the effort you have put into planning and creating a webinar is reflected in its delivery. Too often the moderator is an afterthought, or deemed unimportant. The result is an uninspiring and unengaging webinar where presenters are unable to shine and contribute to a memorable experience.

INBND’s Founder, Lev Cribb, has moderated and been a webinar presenter for many years. He has trained presenters, moderators and subject matter experts on how to deliver engaging and exciting webinars. Formerly Head of Marketing (EMEA) at webinar marketing platform ON24 Inc, he was responsible for the company’s EMEA webinar programme and has worked with many global enterprises to enhance the performance of their webinar programmes.

INBND now makes Lev Cribb’s expertise as a webinar moderator available to clients on an interim or ongoing basis to enhance their webinar delivery. Included in this service is the full preparation of the presentation topic’s background, knowledge of the presenters’ backgrounds and the full moderation of the webinar, from introduction and housekeeping to Q&A and conclusion. With his background and experience, Lev Cribb is one of the world’s leading webinar experts.

Get in touch today to find out more, or read about our Webinar Programme Design services to create a world class webinar programme.

Webinar Moderator Services
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