To answer the question “Do I need Growth Marketing?” we have compiled 12 symptoms you’ll want to check to find out whether you need to focus more on Growth Marketing. What is Growth Marketing?

Where would we be if, when met with failure, we’d give up? As business professionals, we investigate failure to avoid making the same mistake twice. We look for symptoms, so we can treat the causes.

  1. Your business is not growing. It’s an obvious one, isn’t it?
  2. Sales and Marketing misalignment. You get regular complaints from Sales about the quality of leads, or complaints from Marketing that Sales reps are burning the leads too quickly.
  3. Churn – you’re losing customers. Churn, even just 2-3% per month, is detrimental to growth.
  4. Stuttering marketing results. Good content, an engaged marketing team, swanky tools, but intermittent and unpredictable (or worse yet – unquantifiable) marketing results?
  5. You’re unsure what or how to measure. Marketing has a responsibility to measure a significant number of data points, so not knowing where to start or what to focus on is a symptom of a missing Growth Marketing focus.
  6. Lack of visibility. You don’t have access to the marketing data you need to make informed decisions?
  7. The competition is growing faster than you. Do you hear anecdotal evidence from employees, peers or customers about your competition’s growth?
  8. Low conversion rates. Your marketing team is able to attract prospects, but you can’t turn them into customers?
  9. You ask for change and nothing happens. Assuming your marketing team heard you and is trying, but nothing changes in the output or results.
  10. Your board reporting is uncomfortable. Is reporting marketing figures to the board uncomfortable for you and those listening?
  11. You’re not able to be proactive. A sure sign that you’re missing insight, processes and expertise in the organisation.
  12. Your direction is unclear. Similar to ‘lack of visibility’, but an equally common symptom that you need a Growth Marketing focus.

How many symptoms is your organisation showing?

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