Increasingly, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have the ambition and mandate to become key drivers of revenue growth within their organisation. However, the gap between ambition and reality is still too big for comfort for many organisations.

INBND is due to publish its CMO Guide To Revenue Growth, which answers questions such as:

  • What is the CMO’s new growth mandate?
  • Which skills does the modern CMO need to acquire?
  • How do the CMO’s strategy and focus need to change?
  • How can the CMO drive growth?

INBND’s Managing Director, Lev Cribb, personally interviewed CMOs from IBM, PA Consulting, Blue Prism and RealVNC. These interviews contributed to the guide, which shows how senior marketers use modern marketing and sales technology to create a revenue-focused and metric-driven approach to marketing. It comes as a response to a report from The CMO Council and Deloitte, which highlighted the need for CMOs to take ownership of revenue growth, in order to secure the survival of their role amongstthe C-Suite.

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About INBND Growth Marketing:

INBND provides Growth Marketing Consultancy Services to B2B organisations.

Lev Cribb started INBND to address one big problem: the disconnect between lead generation and sustainable revenue growth. Or in other words, between marketing and sales. He saw too many companies grow inspite of their lead generation efforts, not because of them. INBND brings the passion, expertise and focus to drive change in your organisation. Get in touch today and find out how a modern approach to revenue generation can help accelerate your growth.