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INBND uses its in-depth expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive webinar programmes to give its customers a competitive edge. Webinars contribute significantly to lead generation and content marketing strategies, as one of the most effective forms of content available to marketers today.

Webinar Moderator Services

Looking for a professional webinar moderator who adds value to your webinar and manages to engage subject matter experts and audiences alike? Contact INBND today to find out more how our webinar moderator services can ignite growth for your webinar programme.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Much like rivalling siblings, Sales and Marketing are intrinsically linked yet can be disengaged and counter-acting each other. Sales and Marketing alignment is a core prerequisite for sustainable and predictable revenue growth.

The challenge in aligning these dominant disciplines stems from their historically different mindset and targets, but the opportunity lies in their increasingly similar orientation within the business. Sales has always been revenue focussed, whereas Marketing has only recently (read: last decade) begun to wake up the fact that pipeline contribution needs to be a KPI. Accelerated by technology, marketing now has the opportunity to be the driver of success and rival Sales for contribution and value to the business. By creating true and measurable Sales and Marketing alignment, organisations are able to create more value than the sum of its parts.

What has changed?

Marketing automation through tools such as Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua has empowered Marketing to play a much bigger part in contributing to sales pipeline. Automation was one of the core missing parts to extend Marketing’s reach from the top of the funnel right through the entire sales funnel. In doing so, Marketing is playing on Sales’ turf through integration with CRM tools such as Salesforce.com. But herein also lies the opportunity for both departments, i.e. greater success through Sales and Marketing alignment.

How INBND can help

With extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, INBND has insight into both disciplines, as well as a successful track record in creating strategies and SLAs between the two departments to foster mutual growth. Working with marketing and sales leadership, INBND creates a custom path to achieve the goals that are unique to your business. The approach is about more than mediation, it is about defining specific roles, processes and agreements that allow the organisation to get the most from the time and resources. Your organisation may not have a person or team that is accepted by both sides, or has the knowledge or time to make a sustainable difference through effective Sales and Marketing alignment.

INBND can fill that void between Sales and Marketing by setting the direction for shared success. Get in touch with us today to find out more about Sales and Marketing alignment.

Sales and Marketing alignment
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