It might be the first time you’ve come across the term “Webinar Marketing Consultancy”. Admittedly it’s niche, but webinar adoption has been steadily increasing for over a decade. The rate at which organisations are recognising the webinar’s contribution to their marketing funnel, marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) has firmly established webinars as a core contributing factor to marketing and sales success. Now, with many years of building winning webinar strategies and programmes, Lev Cribb is launching INBND’s Webinar Marketing Consultancy services.

Lev Cribb, Managing Director of INBND Growth Marketing Ltd., has spent almost a decade developing leading webinar marketing programmes. He spent six years working for the world’s largest webinar marketing platform ON24 Inc, and in a variety of roles, including ON24’s Head of Marketing in EMEA, Cribb worked on leading edge webinar strategies – both for ON24 and its customers. As a result, his expertise and insight in Webinar Marketing is amongst the best in the world. This expertise has now given rise to INBND’s Webinar Marketing Consultancy services, which are designed to help organisations improve and optimise their webinar programmes at the highest level.

Why the focus on webinar marketing?

While many organisations use webinars as a standalone tactic, the emphasis for INBND’s Webinar Marketing Consultancy services is on integrating webinar programmes with organisations’ wider marketing ecosystems. Increasingly, leading organisations are making webinars a firm part of their marketing technology stack. The incremental benefit of doing so are significant, and have a direct impact on performance metrics across marketing and sales, and ultimately pipeline and revenue growth.

In 2007, Google saw a global inflection point when the search term “webinar” permanently outperformed the search-term “whitepaper”. Arguably, there is no other marketing asset worth gating behind a registration form that has a stronger impact than these two asset types. For the last ten years, web searches for webinars have grown consistently, while searches for whitepapers have declined.

webinar vs whitepaper - INBND Webinar consultancy

(Google trends data – ‘webinar’ vs ‘whitepaper’ search term)

Talking about webinars, Cribb said: “The best webinar platforms provide a combination of demographic data, behavioural data, performance analytics, and benchmark data. Combined with your marketing and sales technology, this has the potential to revolutionise how companies attract prospects into a sales-ready conversation.

Is your organisation running webinars? Are they part of a dedicated programme that is integrated into your revenue stack and marketing strategy? INBND, led by its Managing Director Lev Cribb, helps its customers to maximise their webinar programme’s impact on revenue. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your organisation achieve better results and accelerate success.

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