It’s a simple question. So what is the answer? It’s “marketing-driven”, so surely it’s the marketing department’s responsibility… But we’re talking about “revenue growth responsibility”, so where does sales come into the equation? And what about the C-level, where does the buck actually stop when it comes to being accountable for enablement, growth and increasing turnover? Should it be at department level or does empowerment come from the top?

One thing is certain – traditional marketing fails to deliver on modern data-driven lead generation. And no wonder. Traditional marketing – by its very nature – was around before the internet. So how could it compete with modern marketing and take revenue growth responsibility. Yet many organisations still flog the same dead horse – better the devil you know…

The problem is this: If you don’t act now and get cosy with marketing techniques and processes that help you drive revenue and increase turnover, your organisation faces even more challenges down the line. And that “down the line” moment could be sooner than you think, if marketing and sales technology continues to accelerate at the speed it’s going at the moment.

So where do you start? Download our new whitepaper Who is responsible for marketing-driven revenue? now and deal with the question head on. The whitepaper includes:

  • The answer to why traditional marketing is failing to deliver on revenue growth
  • The case for marketing, sales and the C-level to take responsibility
  • Advice on where to position responsibility for revenue growth in a modern B2B organisation

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