Company Founder Interview With Mylo Kaye: Mylo is the CEO and Co-Founder of award-winning app design and development agency Dreamr, and living proof that dreaming is alive and well in the commercialised digital age. I spoke to Mylo about what inspires him as an entrepreneur, how his company Dreamr was conceived, and about how he instils passion into his team of 18 other Dreamrs.

The result is an interview quite unlike any other. It is extremely refreshing to see how passion has driven commercial success without the realities of a P&L scuppering that purest and most natural way of imagining life. Reading between the lines, dreams at Dreamr are enhanced to no small degree by a dose of realism and structure, which makes the outcomes even more delightful – for customers and employees alike.

Intrigued? We should think so! Here’s the interview:

Interview with Mylo Kaye

Hi Mylo, let’s go right to where it all started: Have you always wanted to start your own business? What inspired you?

Since being a young lad, I’ve always felt and lived the traits of an entrepreneur. Finding opportunities and making the most of them has been something I’ve always enjoyed. So, in some ways, my history was already determined. I guess with that; I’ve always wanted to start a business. Trust inspires me, if you have someone’s trust and they believe in you, then as an entrepreneur, you can sell anything, whether it be a fast car or an app.

My nature means I have a way of looking at things, picking them apart and making them better. Whether that’s a bike or my old snares console. I can imagine things really easily. It’s easy for me to look at a problem, dissect it and then find a solution.

As a young boy, I remember when all kids in neighbourhood loved Southpark. I loved it too. But back then there were no smartphones and no way for people to continue an experience – in this case their love for Southpark without the TV. Already at that early age I would see the opportunity in things and, in this case, I would go to our local library and photocopy pages with the Southpark characters, then cut them out and sell them to the other kids. I always looked for opportunities.

Growing up my mum had six boys, so she’s always had to be resourceful. We never went on big holidays and she always had to make the most of what we had. Clothes got passed down from one brother to the next, as me and my brothers grew up.

My passion for identifying opportunities – like the Southpark one – a lot of the time is not about making money. My family’s situation taught me to look for the opportunity, but the motivator was not the desire make lots of money. My mother always said “You’ll be completely happy as long as you have a roof over your head.”

Interview with Mylo Kaye

So how did Dreamr come about?

I went to university in 2008 and studied web development in my first year. I liked the creative environment, and liked the idea of having my own web development agency. It was still a growing industry then. The following year I took a business course and met Jack – co-founder of Dreamr. We looked at how we could combine our skills and create a company. After university, we setup a web design agency called Bamboo. But with the advent of Wix and other online website builder solutions, setting up a web development agency wasn’t going to be a lasting success. We wanted to make a mark. So, two years ago, we looked at other options that would be futureproof. That’s when Dreamr came about.

In September 2014 Dreamr was created. I suppose the motivator was looking back at when the iPhone first came to market and there was no app store at all. It was a great phone, but there were no apps. But when I look at how an app store creates a space where anything is possible, I get very excited – and we wanted to be part of that. It’s such a huge an inspiring space. We now create exciting things like a boxing app to help people train and evaluate their performance. I could have never imagined this kind of application when we first started. And now, with the Apple Watch and Apple TV the opportunities are even bigger!

What excites me the most is seeing what is possible, and to come up with things that you couldn’t have even imagined in the past. The possibilities to change peoples’ lives is huge. It’s just amazing. And all that just through an app. It’s bigger than just games or an app for turning your lights on and off.

We’re open to working with all kinds of different customers. What gets me and the team excited is doing things that we never thought possible. To be able to co-create something that changes lives, based on someone else’s dream. If we create one app that changes 1000s or potentially millions of lives, that fills me with great pride. We’re almost like a hidden force in the background, in fact there are several things we’ve built in the past years that we still can’t talk about. But we get a kick out of doing something that does great things for other people.

While I am driven by the vision and endless possibilities, my co-founder Jack is very process driven. That creates consistency and it creates order. It can also create tension because you have two people trying to do things in different ways. But it’s good tension, because it’s creative tension. And that drives and complements us.

From the start, the goal was to fulfil people’s dreams, hence the name. We want to help customers to achieve their goals. We help them bring their dreams to life. When we first meet prospects, they often only have a dream of what they want to achieve and we help them make it a reality.

When we set up Dreamr, one thing was clear from the start – based on my own background. That was giving the opportunities to people that I never had. When we’re recruiting new Dreamrs, we look for a spark that we can ignite. We may not always be able to see exactly what it is from the start, but we look at the positive in everything. The same goes for clients, even if they approach us and tell us they have no money. If we can help put them in front of the people that can help fund their idea, we know they’ll remember us later on down the line.

What is more difficult: winning your first 5 paying customers or the next 20? And why?

I remember a few years ago in my first business selling a website to a client for £500, and that was tough.  Being the first customer, you face challenges of being trusted and showing them you know what you’re talking about. Fast forward to 2017 at Dreamr, we sell apps for £50,000, and that’s still tough. Nowadays there are more operational challenges, though. I don’t think it gets easier; it’s just the challenges change.

What enabled you to grow your business?

You know, anyone can start a business. Anyone with £20k can go out find an idea and create a business from it. To be truly successful and grow as a company the single most important thing is trust. Getting your employees to trust and believe in you, but also suppliers and clients. Once you have trust, you can do anything.

In the early days of Dreamr, we intentionally positioned our story based on values and a mission that allowed for growth and an international footprint. From the start, we were ready to take on clients from anywhere. Back in 2014, when Dreamr was conceived and started its mission, it was really important to take our experience from previous things on to the next chapter. I believe that, in order to grow, you always have to make yourself better – every time. Collectively we had the mindset of taking on the world. And that’s still what we do every day now.

But it’s not just that… I can have the passion all day long, but that doesn’t mean my team will automatically share in that passion, if I don’t inspire them. In any creative industry, there is often a level of underappreciation. So, when we hire new team members, and this extends to anyone in the team, we try to instil the same passion and appreciation. Then you need to commercialise it. It’s about channelling creativity correctly – and to a degree keeping creativity under control – so you can combine it with structure.

That’s where Jack and myself complement each other so well and that’s where we’ve been able to find the right mix of creative and professional people. It all goes back to a lady we hired a year ago. Lynn came to us after she had been at HSBC for 30 years. She brought tremendous experience from a structured and process driven environment and today gives our super creative people a sense check. Lynn is our Head of Aspiration and, amongst others, runs processes around personal and professional development, including our Wednesday afternoon learning sessions and hiring the next set of Dreamrs.

Which is more important for sustainable revenue growth: Marketing or Sales? Why?

To me, marketing and sales are very ‘chicken and egg’. You could say that both have to work on their own to work. Something I’ve learnt in business is that you can have the most brilliant business idea in the world, but without an audience, no one will can or will buy it. However, with marketing you can.

With good marketing and a good brand you can bring potential customers to your door quickly, then all you need to do is get them to buy your product/service.

What is the best business advice you have ever been given?

The best advice I’ve ever received was ‘do what you love’. While not exactly business advice, you can apply it to business, and it’s a core value of mine. I instil it in myself and my team, if you do what you love in business, you can’t go wrong.

What is your favourite business book, and why?

‘The Innovators Dilemma’ is a profound insight on how innovation can lead to the downfall of huge multi-national companies. Through new technologies, it looks at how even Americans now biggest tech company Apple, almost went bankrupt.  The author is the amazing Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and is available on Amazon for £19.99

What is next for Dreamr?

We’re lucky in our industry that the future is filled full of exciting emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence that we have an exciting road ahead. We’re already developing software for virtual reality, and in our office, we a have fully equipped virtual reality space where you can explore the world and even other worlds. I’m excited for the next three years as we explore these technologies, but equally excited to see what’s to come in the next ten.

Thanks for giving us this insight into your mind and company, Mylo.

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for the interview.

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